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TV Guide Names the 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time
Part 3 :: Secrets, Sex, and Songs :: Shows Ranked 21-30

More rankings from TV Guide's feature on the Greatest Game Shows of All Time:

30. Win Ben Stein's Money 1990s. TV Guide calls this "Jeopardy! on Comedy Central's budget." Contestants answer trivia to win a chunk of Ben Stein's $5,000.
29. Double Dare 1980s. Nickelodeon's first game show slimed contestants with incorrect answers.
28. The Dating Game 1965-80. Single chose one of three bachelors or bachelorettes who are hidden from view.
27. I've Got a Secret 1952-67. Celebrity panel tries to guess contestant's strange secret.
26. Name That Tune to 1985. Contestants guess the song in the least amount of time possible.
25. Wheel of Fortune 1975+. Host: Pat Sajak. Contestants spin the wheel for prize money which they earn by guessing letters in a phrase.
24. You Bet Your Life 1950-61. Host: Groucho Marx. Hilarious trivia show. If anyone said the secret word, a duck floated down and awarded $100.
23. Beat the Clock 1950s-60s. Host: Bud Collyer. Contestants performed wacky, messy tasks in 60 seconds.
22. The $64,000 Question 1955-58. Host: Hal March. Dramatic show asked contestants a series of questions, worth from $1 to $64,000. Popular series was killed off during the game show scandals of the 1950s.
21. Truth or Consequences 1950-69. Hosts: Ralph Edwards, Jack Bailey, Bob Barker. Answer a silly question or perform a ridiculous stunt. This popular show is the only one with a town named after it (in New Mexico).

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