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TV Guide Names the 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time
Part 4 :: Kiss Me, Gong Me, or Crown Me Queen :: Shows Ranked 11-20

More rankings from TV Guide's feature on the Greatest Game Shows of All Time:

20. Concentration 1958-73. Host: Hugh Downs. Players matched what was hidden behind squares, revealing a rebus puzzle underneath. First to solve the rebus won the money and prizes. 
19. The Hollywood Squares 1966-81. Host: Peter Marshall. Celebrities seated in a tic-tac-toe grid answer questions (or bluff) while "ad-libbing" jokes.
18. Let's Make a Deal 1970s-80s. Host: Monty Hall. Contestants, often dressed in costume, trade common objects for what's behind the curtain.
17. Video Village 1960-62. Players were "pieces" on a life-sized board game, rolling the dice to move through the game and answering questions or performing stunts.
16. The Gong Show 1970s. Host: Chuck Barris. Contestants in the weirdest talent show on TV showed off their acts. A panel of celebrities awarded them points or "gonged" them off the stage.
15. Twenty-One 1950s. Host: Jack Barry. Two contestants in heated isolation booths answered questions, trying to get to 21 points first. The potential cash prizes were limitless. This show was the center of the game show scandals of the 50s, inspiring the movie "Quiz Show."
14. Family Feud 1976-85. Host: Richard Dawson. Families squared off to guess what 100 surveyed people answered to each question. Dawson was often criticized for kissing every female contestant, but the audience loved it.
13. Queen for a Day 1950s. Host: Jack Bailey. Four women were selected from the audience. Their task: to convince everyone that they are the most pathetic. The audience judged their sob stories with the applause-o-meter, and awarded the "loser" with her wishes, plus a crown and roses.
12. Survivor 1999+. Host: Jeff Probst. Sixteen contestants overcome challenges to win the $1 million prize. Arguably the first game show that allows contestants to walk around naked. 
11. The Newlywed Game 1966+. Host: Bob Eubanks. Couples married less than 2 years prove how much they really know about each other. Questions loaded with double-entendres and embarrassing answers added to the fun.

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