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TV Guide Names the 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time
Part 5 :: The Best of the Best :: Shows Ranked 1-10

TV Guide's top ten game shows of all time:

10. Match Game 1962-69, 70s. Host: Gene Rayburn. Two contestants had to match the words a celebrity panel used to fill in the blanks. Sexual innuendo and hilarious answers made this one a classic.
9. To Tell the Truth 1950s, 2001+. Hosts: incl. Bud Collyer & Alex Trebek. Three contestants claim to be the same person. A celebrity panel asks them questions, and must guess who's telling the truth. Made famous the phrase, "Will the real ____ please stand up." (No, it wasn't Eminem.)
8. Masquerade Party 1950s, 70s. Host: incl. Bud Collyer & Richard Dawson. Celebrities disguised themselves with silly masks and costumes. Contestants had to guess their true identities.
7. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 1999+. Host: Regis Philbin. Contestants answer a series of progressively harder trivia questions, one their way up to winning a million bucks. Based on the original in the U.K., Millionaire sparked a revival of high-tech prime-time game shows.
6. $25,000 Pyramid 1973-85. Host: Dick Clark. Contestants paired with celebrities had to communicate seven words to their partner using word association. The first Pyramid was worth $10,000; by 1985, the prize was $100,000.
5. What's My Line? 1950-67. This prime-time show had celebrity panelists guessing the occupation of the contestants. Each "no" answer earned the contestant $5. Witty celebrity regulars included Steve Allen and Arlene Francis
4. Password 1960s. Host: Allen Ludden. Celebrities such as Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence teamed up with contestants, using word association to guess the secret word.
3. G. E. College Bowl 1960s. Host: Allen Ludden. Two teams of undergrads competed for scholarships by answering science, literature, and math questions. The first game show to receive a Peabody award for excellence in broadcasting.
2. Jeopardy! 1964+. Hosts: Art Fleming, Alex Trebek. This show's twist: players are given the answers, and have to come up with the questions. With tough subjects and low prize amounts, Jeopardy is more a matter of prestige for its contestants.
1. The Price Is Right 1956+. Host: Bob Barker. The longest-running game show in history is still going strong. No brainiacs need apply; contestants just need to know the prices of everyday items. Contestants are chosen from the studio audience, presumably for their level of enthusiasm. Ever-changing mini games and beautiful models add to the show's lasting appeal.

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