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American Gladiators

An athletic challenge show in which contestants, chosen in competitions held around the U.S., went up against professional atheletes and bodybuilders in extreme physical tests. "Atlasphere" had the contestants in giant metal spheres; contestants had to roll the spheres over targets while Gladiators, in spheres worked to knock them away from the targets. "Swingshot" had contestants attached to giant bungee cords, trying to bounce to a center target and grab balls, while Gladiators tried to knock them out of the way. "Joust" had contestant and Gladiator balanced on platforms, hitting each other with padded sticks until someone fell.

American Gladiators Premiered:

September, 1989

Hosts of American Gladiators:

Mike Adamle

Joe Theisman

Todd Christiensen

Larry Csonka

Lisa Malosky

Dan "Nitro" Clark


John Harlan

The American Gladiators:


Gemini, Laser, Malibu, Nitro, Titan (men)

Blaze, Gold, Lace, Sunny, Zap (women)


Gemini, Laser, Nitro, Thunder, Turbo (men)

Blaze, Diamond, Gold, Ice, Lace (women)


Gemini, Laser, Nitro, Thunder, Turbo Tower (men)

Blaze, Diamond, Gold, Ice, Lace, Storm, Zap (women)


Laser, Sabre, Tower, Turbo, Viper (men)

Diamond, Elektra, Siren, Sky, Storm, Zap (women)


Hawk, Laser, Sabre, Tower, Turbo (men)

Ice, Jazz, Siren, Sky, Zap (women)


Hawk, Laser, Nitro, Tower, Turbo (men)

Ice, Jazz, Siren, Sky, Zap (women)

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