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G. E. College Bowl
G.E. College Bowl Description:

Two teams of undergrads competed for scholarships by answering science, literature, and math questions. The first game show to receive a Peabody award for excellence in broadcasting.

G.E. College Bowl Premiered: January 4, 1959

G.E. College Bowl Hosts:

Dick Cavett


Pat Sajak


Art Fleming


Robert Earle


Allen Ludden

1959-1962 G.E. College Bowl Announcers:

(1987 edition)

Jim McKrell

(1984 edition)

Mel Brandt

(1978 edition)

Nelson Davis

(1959-1970 edition)

Don Morrow

Jerry Damon

Mel Brandt

Alan Burns

G.E. College Bowl Also Called:

G. E. College Bowl, College Bowl

G.E. College Bowl Theme Song:

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