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Jeopardy! Description:

This show's twist: players are given the answers, and have to come up with the questions. With tough subjects and low prize amounts, Jeopardy is more a matter of prestige for its contestants.

Jeopardy! Catch phrase: "This iiiisss Jeopardy!"

Jeopardy! Premiered: March 30, 1964

Jeopardy! Hosts:

Alex Trebek


Art Fleming


Jeopardy! Announcers:

Johnny Gilbert


Don Pardo


John Harlan


Jeopardy! Celebrity Guests:

Mel Brooks

Appeared as the 2,000 year old man on the show's 2,000th episode, February 21, 1972,

Celebrity Jeopardy!

Annual event since 1992. Star appearances include Regis Philbin, Kelsey Grammer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Donna Mills, Luke Perry, Rosie O'Donnell, Sinbad, and Carol Burnett.  

Jeopardy! Theme Song:

Classic TV Game Show Themes


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